Thursday, November 11, 2010

My First Raptor Game of The Season

Well, I finally went to my first Raptor game the other night. I took a few hours off and my hubby and I went on a date!! I knew what I was getting into as the Toronto Raptors do not have a great record this year, and most nay-sayers are predicting even a worse season than when they started.

I was more disappointed with the condition of the centre. Hubby is very fortunate to score a couple of seats at least to one game a season. (In previous years, one of the kids went with him). I remember going and the place at least looked clean. I looked at the condition of the seats and they are well worn and torn. There was garbage on the floors - peanut shells, empty cups, etc. I was under the assumption that this place got, at the very least, swept after every game. I guess when you assume.... The number of fans was not great. Taking a walk at half time used to be a chore. But, you would bump into people you don't see very often. Most are fans of the game, as we are. This time, however, we walked freely. There were NO lines for beer drinkers (I don't think it's because there were no drinkers there).

The Raptors lost :( That's okay. We did enjoy a lively attempt at a comeback in the fourth quarter. We left with about 45 seconds remaining in the game. We didn't want to fight the 'BIG' crowds leaving.

I'm looking forward to the next game.

Betty Bartusevicius
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